At first, it may be a surprise to realise the fact that your sessions are there for you to think about whatever it is that has bought you to therapy and that it is not there for me to give you advise, or tell you what to do. ​To begin with this may give rise to all sorts of feelings, but, in time, I hope for it to become a useful space. 

However, before therapy can begin, there first needs to be an initial consultation. 

​Initial Consultation: With many finding the prospect of going into therapy daunting, the initial consultation is an important part of therapy. Having an initial consultation can help you to decide whether you feel comfortable enough with the therapist and in the right place within yourself to pursue therapy.​

​It is during your initial consultation that you are encouraged to ask questions in regards to anything you are uncertain of or concerned about.

It is also an opportunity for the therapist to ask you about your circumstances in order to help think with you about the term of therapy needed, the frequency, and to speak about availability. 

​ Just like the therapy sessions, the initial consultation is carried out with respect to confidentiality and in a non-judgmental manner. Thereafter you are not obliged to commit to therapy.

* My fee for an initial consultation is £50.00 and can last up to 90 minutes. Please also bear in mind that it is not uncommon to attend more than one consultation.

​The Session: Your sessions will last 50 minutes and will be booked for the same time each week. If something does occur and you are unable to  make the session I will try my best to re-book you in that week. However, please bear in mind that this may not always be possible. 

My Fees: £60.00 per session.

RAZWANA Jabbin, MSc, UKCP, MBACP                                     

“Therapy isn't Radio.We don't need to constantly fill the air with sounds. Sometimes, when its quiet, surprising things happen.” 
​- Mary Pipher