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RAZWANA Jabbin, MSc, UKCP, MBACP                                     

 "Much learning does not teach understanding" 
- Heractlitus



To help me gain clinical experience, alongside my academic training, I worked as a voluntary counsellor and adult psychotherapist for various organisations. Each enabled me to learn about the many situations people face and how psychotherapy can be used to help. 

​So you can get to know a little more about me as a practitioner, below I have written briefly about some of my clinical experience and the different settings I have worked in.  

Dealing with Depression:Those suffering from depression will know what a debilitating impact it can have on lives. My experience of working with depression and clinical depression within the NHS setting, has equipped me to be able to think about the deep seated issues that may be the cause of your unhappiness. With nearly all patients suffering from depression describing their symptoms as feeling constantly tired, suicidal, isolated, unhappy, and unsure of who they are, it is important to begin with knowing that things can be different and there is help out there.

Addiction: For the past 6 years I have worked closely in numerous settings with people who suffer from the destructive behaviour of addiction, which can take form in various ways, such as gambling, sex, food, alcohol and drugs. My roles have varied between working as a one-to-one therapist, assessor, group facilitator, and after-care worker.Addiction of any nature keeps a person feeling stuck in a destructive cycle, psychotherapy can help you think about how to undo those feelings. It is about kicking the habit on all levels. 

​Sexual Abuse: Throughout my career I have worked with people who have been sexually abused. However, I initially gained my experience in this area when working for a charity called Breaking-Free. Breaking Free was an organisation which specialised in providing support for those who had suffered from sexual abuse. Here I learnt about how sexual abuse can leave a lasting impact on peoples lives, and inhibit future relationships. If you are someone who has experienced this type of trauma, and you are seeking help, I would strongly recommend considering psychotherapy.

Sexual Identity: Through my role as Counselling-Coordinator for the NAZ London Project I gained experience of working with people from the Black, South Asian and Ethnic minority community who were struggling with their sexual life. This included individuals coming to terms with their sexuality or being HIV positive, feeling isolated, fearing being stigmatised by their community, or just wanting support with relationship issues. If you feel that you too would like support to work through any such issues please do get in touch.