RAZWANA Jabbin, MSc, UKCP, MBACP                                     


Many people who come to see me often start by telling me how unhappy they are with a particular part of their life, or, how unhappy they have felt all their life, and how much they want to change.Although it is only you who can really know the true nature of your distress, sharing it with someone can help to break out of feelings of isolation, and through achieving a greater sense of self awareness, you can go on to gain clarity and control over your circumstances.

​Through using the psychoanalytic psychotherapy approach, my practice is based on working with individual needs to help heal and work through difficulties of any nature; such as anxiety, relationship break downs, cultural conflicts, abuse, distress, addiction, trauma, bereavement, to name but a few. 

I do this work because I truly believe the method is effective and
​through it change is possible.

 Having worked with an extensive client group for nearly 10 years, I bring to my practice a great depth of experience, understanding, and insight, from which you can expect a sensitive, professional and confidential service.